A new release at the highest level
SFI 3.3 Level 5 & FIA 86-certified (SFI patch on demand when ordering with additional fee)
Not FIA 8856-2000 certified

  • Corvette Carrera gloves
Copyrighted - please click for more information Aramid fabric Hand made Stretchable Pre-formed

Technical data

- 2 layers of leather in palm
- Grip and protective pads avoiding blisters optimized by carefully designed leather parts
- Pre-formed palm to avoid blisters
- Knitted aramid forchet
- Adjustable aramid strap
- Use of only the finest of "Top Grain" leather
- Manufactured from aramid jersey and leather
- Sewn with aramid thread
- Sizes: from 6 to 12
- SFI 3.3 Level 5 & FIA 86 homologated
- Corvette Racing marking