Lid Lifter

- A revolution for your cervical vertebrae's sake
- Made of an exclusive airy fabric offering comfort, protection and softness
- Helps the perspiration process
- FIA 8856-2000 CERTIFIED
- Patent No. 13.60509

  • Lid Lifter balaclava
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Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Perspiration Stretchable Pre-formed

Technical data

The retrieval of a driver from his crashed car is an extremely delicate operation to be performed solely by professionals.
Remove the drivers helmet is the first step of extrication and first aid.
To minimize the risk of damage to the cerebral vertebrae, a Stand 21 new device exists.
Developed with medical motor racing personalities ( Dr. Jean Duby, Dr. Terry Trammell , Dr. Paul Trafford, Dr.
Claude Meistelman, Dr. John Melvin etc. ) the Lid Lifter head sock is as simple and reliable in its design as is
the HANS® device.

- Get both a small or larger opening from the same balaclava
- 2 sizes available (54-57, >57)
- Color: natural white with black handles

Sans Lid Lifter
Helmet removal without Lid Lifter balaclava

Avec Lid Lifter
Helmet removal with Lid Lifter balaclava

A precious testimony from the racetrack:

“My name is Jay Arnold, I have worked track rescue for going on two decades. I have worked track rescue and medical  for all forms of motor sports, including F-1, Indy Cars, NASCAR, Sprint Cars, NHRA, and most smaller series that run on road courses and oval tracks. The Lid Lifter by Stand21 has to be the greatest safety device since the introduction of the Hans Device. Every single driver, in every form of motor sports, should be wearing one of these. Having worked many very serious wrecks, I know the struggle of taking a drivers helmet off safely, without further injuring the driver. One wrong move and the driver could be paralyzed or worse. I watched the demonstration of the Lid Lifter and was truly amazed by how effortlessly the helmet came off without any strain to the neck of the driver. While simple in design,  it is monumental to the safety of the driver. I can’t express enough how every single driver should be using this product”

Jay Arnold, Track/Rescue member