Lid Lifter Twin

- Accepted by NHRA!
- A revolution for your cervical vertebrae's sake

- Made of an exclusive airy fabric offering comfort, protection and softness
- Patent No. 13.60509

  • Lid Lifter Twin stock balaclava
  • Lid Lifter Twin stock balaclava
  • Lid Lifter Twin stock balaclava
Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Embroidering available Perspiration Stretchable Pre-formed

Technical data

The NHRA, that oversees most of drag-racing competition in the United States of America, has heartily embraced the concept of safe driver's helmet extraction after an accident, and requires in its regulations the use of an approved device for all drivers. The Stand 21 "Lid Lifter Twin" hood has now been introduced as such within the revised NHRA rules.
Developed with medical motor racing personalities ( Dr. Jean Duby, Dr. Terry Trammell , Dr. Paul Trafford, Dr. Claude Meistelman, Dr. John Melvin etc. ) the Lid Lifter head sock is as simple and reliable in its design as is the FHR  device.

- 2 sizes available (54-57, >57)
- Color: black

Sans Lid Lifter
Helmet removal without "Lid Lifter Twin" balaclava

Avec Lid Lifter
Helmet removal with "Lid Lifter Twin" balaclava